I Want That Home.ca for homes not for sale

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29 August, 2011 9:04 AM
by Jim Adair

I Want That Home.ca for homes not for sale

The I Want That Home.ca landing screen.

IWantThatHome.ca is a new Canadian real estate website that includes homes that are not for sale.

“By giving potential home buyers and sellers a way to easily connect, I Want That Home.ca allows frustrated home hunters to look beyond the limited number of homes on the market with For Sale signs that don’t meet their specific needs by helping them target and connect to owners of the home of their dreams – whether the homes have a For Sale sign or not,” says the company in a news release. “Think of it as a less intimidating, digital equivalent of slipping a note under someone’s door that says, ‘I love your home – would you like to sell?’”

Sites founder Natalie Armata says the site also gives home sellers a way to gauge the interest and popularity of their neighbourhood, street or home and the comfort of knowing that, should they decide to sell their home, there will be buyers.

“Not only is the site a great way to initiate conversation between buyers and sellers, I Want That Home.ca is also a great partner and resource for real estate agents by providing them with localized leads, access to the message board and a way to communicate directly with buyers who are looking for an agent’s expertise at any point during discussions,” says the company.

The site was created by Natalie Armata and developed by Adam Stacey of Trackie Group Inc., with sound and video by Earl Torno of Wanted! Sound + Picture and with web copy by Jacqueline Parker of Addis Creative Consulting.

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