Briefing: School safety in the wake of Bendale shooting

Briefing: School safety in the wake of Bendale shooting: “

This week, Toronto police officers took up posts in 27 high schools. The move is a result of last year’s school safety report, which prompted the city’s school boards to come up with a plan to increase safety. However, there was no officer stationed at Bendale Business and Technical Institute, the scene of yesterday’s shooting. The Posts Natalie Alcoba reports on some things to take note of:

Where are the officers?‘ In 27 schools — eight in the Toronto Catholic District School Board and another 19 in the public board.

How did the school boards pick the schools?’ Toronto Catholic board spokeswoman Mary Jo Deighan says the chosen schools were spread out enough so officers could access neighbouring schools.Schools also had to be ‘open to the concept,’ she said, which was similar to the approach taken at the public board, where the principal, trustee and superintendent had to support the initiative. ‘It doesn’t have to be a school that would be considered at risk,’ said May Moore, Toronto District School Board spokeswoman.

What is the role of officers?‘ The police officers are meant to foster good relations with students in a safe environment, but they are uniformed, armed and can make arrests.

How has the initiative been received?‘ Two TDSB trustees are opposed, saying they welcome officers visiting the schools but don’t think they should be armed.

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